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About Dabble

Created by Jacob Wright

Jacob is the creator of Dabble. He has had a passion for creating beautiful software since he began programming over 12 years ago. Dabble was made with love in Colorado, USA.

It began with a passion...

Dabble really began over six years ago when Jacob got the bug to write. It started small when he read about “The Big Lie” in James Scott Bell’s book Plot & Structure. Mr. Bell promises writing is something you can learn. It doesn’t have to be something you’re born with.

Jacob taught himself to program and made a career of it, so this message from Mr. Bell really resonated with him. He began reading book after book on the writing process, on plotting, on editing, on dialog. Writing became his greatest passion, second only to creating beautiful software.

He decided to pursue his two greatest passions by creating software for novel writing.

Something shiny and new.

Tools for the novelist have evolved and improved over time. Stone and chisel, parchment and ink, the typewriter, the computer, the laptop, the smart phone, and the tablet. Tools exist for writing, but here at Dabble, we felt there was opportunity for better tools, in more places. By creating software that is focused soley on writing a novel, we can create better tools. Tools that are specific to novels.

Subscription pricing.

The old model of purchasing software with a one-time payment promotes complex and clunky software as companies pack more features into each new release to resell the same product over, again and again. At Dabble we can continue to improve Dabble the best way using a subscription model. Without the need to add more features for the sake of adding features, we can improve Dabble in the ways you need it. We can focus on making Dabble better and better, reworking existing features, simplifying the product, and adding suplemental services that make your life better.

By joining Dabble, you are helping to make Dabble the best way to craft amazing stories.