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Dabble Beta

What is a beta?

A beta is the final phase of a software product before a full release. The product is close to its final release state, but it may still change and will likely contain some bugs. Dabble is in Open Beta. This means that anyone can download and try it out.

Still under construction.

Dabble will be going through lots of change as you provide feedback. It is still baking. I need as much feedback on Dabble as possible. This is where you come in. Bug reports, feature ideas, things you like, things you dislike, questions about how to accomplish a task, give it all.

Dabble will never be finished. It will continue creating new ways to improve your ability to write and sell novels for a long while yet.


This is a rough idea of where Dabble is headed and is subject to change, especially as you provide your feedback.

  • Usability improvements (i.e. making Dabble easier to get started and use)
  • Account management, allowing cloud storage and Dabble in your browser
  • Plotting tool
  • Export to Word and perhaps PDF
  • Character tool
  • Editing markup/notes
  • Friend feedback

How can you help?

You are the key to Dabble's success. By letting your voice be heard, I will be able to take the aggregate feedback from many people like yourself into product designs, features, and improvements to help you write the novel of your dreams.

Provide feedback within Dabble.

In the upper right corner of Dabble is a button, "Get Help". Clicking this will give you a chat window where you can ask me questions, report bugs, vent frustrations, ask for features, and give me grand ideas of ways to improve Dabble.

Email me what you think.

If you have problems downloading or installing Dabble, or the Get Help link doesn't work, you can email me at

Dabble auto-updates.

Dabble takes care of keeping itself updated for the most part. It will check regularly for new updates and install them in the background while you work. All you need to do is restart once the update is ready. This will keep you up on all the latest features and bug fixes.

Download Dabble now.

Thank you for being an early part of this product. Please click on the link for your platform below.

By downloading and using Dabble you agree to the terms and conditions set forth on this site.


Dabble for Mac Dabble for Windows

Don't forget to give feedback!

Note for Windows: you may get an error when trying to install Dabble stating the app is unrecognized. This is because it is so new. Simply click "More Info" and choose "Run Anyway" to install Dabble.