Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my content when I leave?

Dabble keeps your content safe, even after your trial expires or your subscription is canceled. You are free to access your content at any time, even without a current subscription.

If you decide to come back, your work will be waiting for you. Until then, you can view it in read-only mode and export your novel whenever. We will never hold your content hostage.

How secure is my content?

Dabble uses an encrypted connection to transfer your data. Dabble stores all data and backups encrypted on disk on its servers. And Dabble deletes your local data from the computer when you use “Sign Out” from Dabble’s Account menu. It helps that manuscripts in various stages of completion are not a high-value target for hackers.

Dabble also timestamps every change made, so if your work is plagiarized you would have proof of exactly when you wrote it.

Who has access to my content?

Only Dabble engineers and support staff have access to your content, and it is only accessed when helping you with a support request.