The Dabble Difference: Easy Organization

Manuscript Organization:

Order is everything

Are you ready to have complete control over your writing process? Forget standard writing software “docs” and experience the Dabble difference! With our easy Manuscript Organization feature, you get the freedom to:

  • Jump directly to any given part of your manuscript with a click
  • Add, remove, and rearrange parts of your story easily
  • View any single scene at a time

Multiple Views:

See Everything (or only what you need)

With over 10 different views to work from, Dabble lets you navigate through your project how you want to.

  • Manuscript View
  • Book View
  • Chapter View
  • Scene View
  • Plot Grid View
  • Plot Line View
  • Story NotesStory Notes - FolderAnd more!
  • Story Notes - Folder
  • And more!
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