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Write a Novel
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Finally finish that novel, make it easy on yourself.

Writing a novel is hard.

We get it.

Writing a novel that others will love? Even harder!

You’re probably struggling to find the time to write.

It can be hard to stay focused and motivated, to be consistent.

To avoid procrastination. Hello TikTok! (or Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, pick your poison)

And writing is just the first part. Editing is a huge chore.

You’re fighting to get your story out.

Sometimes it feels like a fight to the death.

Your heart yearns to tell a story, but a day job, school, family, and other responsibilities make you feel like you’re drowning.

How do I touch hearts? Keep otherwise responsible people up late turning pages? Craft a story that resonates long after it hits “The End”?

People are saying plot is essential. How do I craft it?

Wait, others are saying character is the most important. How do I build great characters?

And how do I organize it all? When did writing a novel go from just sitting down to write to needing a notebook of research and story notes?


Look, most writers go through something like this. They start off writing, and 20k words into it the story meanders into “I don’t know what comes next.”

They may keep writing, but their friends and family who are forced to read their work only exclaim the brilliance of the writing to be supportive, but agents and editors are uninterested.

Writing a novel that people care about is an insane proposition.

“I am a writer. Therefore, I am not sane.” —Edgar Allen Poe

But, you’re reading this because you suspect there may be a better way.

You are not happy with not finishing.

Even though you have worked your tail off, you feel that maybe, just maybe, you can make this whole business easier.

You simply want to create.

To get in scene.

To lose yourself in your own story.

To craft a better plot, and better characters, that pull you—and your readers—into a story of your own imagining. Your own creation.

To send your manuscript off to agents and get interest.

To publish to the Kindle store and gain a following.

Whatever it is for you...

We’ve got good news...

Because soon you will be feeling like “hey, I got this.”

You’ll be able to stay organized, sane!

You’ll be creating great characters and gripping plot.

Your fingers will be flying across the keyboard, churning out words that matter, that touch hearts and keep people up at night.

You’ll receive feedback from readers like:

You made me snot-cry. I hate you and I love you for that.
(actual feedback from a reader)

Editing will turn from dreaded doldrums to a joyful experience you look forward to.

TikTok will lose its great power over you! Ok, let’s be real. It will lose some of its power over you.

You will be a motivated, focused machine, consistently showing up every day to write.

You will make time to write. A little here, and a little there, until one day “The End” will appear from the tips of your fingers.

* get ready New York Times Bestseller list, here we come *

The Most Effective Tool For Writing Novels
On Planet Earth

There are a lot of tools for writing. A lot. Most of them were not built for writing novels (ahem, Microsoft Word, Google Docs). Those that were built for writing novels lay at two ends of a spectrum being too complex or too limited. Dabble has everything you need while still bing simple to learn and use.

The proof is in the 1.3 billion words written in Dabble.

“I don’t know about that,” you say.

“How could a writing tool do all that?” you ask.

Well, over 9k writers have made the leap. 400 more get in on Dabble every month.

With over 1B words written and counting, Dabble has proven itself with writers at all stages.

Join 9,583 writers who use Dabble today

Words written in Dabble:
All Time
Actual live word count

(The entire Lord of the Rings series – including The Hobbit – has 576,789 words.)

Dabble Benefits

TODO make this more visceral, let them see themselves enjoying this.

Dabble is a proven product that will help you in almost every aspect of writing. Creativity not included.

Focus & Get In Scene

Dabble’s innovative features help you focus on your words, rather than the tool. It helps you get in scene and find that elusive flow when the real world disappears, and it is just you and your story.


Managing every scene, auto-numbered chapter, character note, plot point, and story detail becomes easy. It is all in one place, and that one place goes with you from your laptop to your mobile.

Write More

Auto-formatting helps you get your words written rather than fighting with formatting. Goals let you know how many words to write each day to hit your self-set deadline.


Manage intertwining plot lines and track clues, events, and character arcs to create richer stories that keep the reader turning pages and pull them in emotionally.

Craft Compelling Characters and Worlds

Keep all your character notes and world building right next to your manuscript for quick creation and review.

Avoid Procrastination

It’s surprising what progress does for momentum, and what momentum does for fighting procrastination. As your momentum increases with set goals, more words, and better story, you will naturally choose to write over other activities. Who knows, you might even uninstall TikTok.

Maybe that’s too far.

Edit Effectively

Tools help you edit the micro with grammar and style, thesaurus, highlights and comments, and tools to edit the macro with a plot overview, sticky notes, drag and drop for scenes and chapters, and labels for each item.

"Dabble is an essential part of my writing career. It keeps me organized, focused, and motivated to get my word count in and my novels finished. I tell every author I know to use Dabble. I love it, and no other writing tool compares to it."

Sally Britton,  Published Author of  The Inglewood Romances.

Don’t Believe Us. Believe Them.

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What you get with Dabble

Keep Focused & Hit Your Goals

Auto-focus mode keeps you in the creative zone, with goal setting and progress tracking motivating you to finally finish your novel.

You can even set word count goals, and deadlines to keep you motivated!

Auto Save & Cloud Based Writing

Cloud-syncing means you can write wherever you are and on any device, whenever the inspiration strikes. Plus, it’s all saved to the cloud and your local storage (so no more lost work!).

Write anywhere, anytime, any device.

Spelling & Grammar Check

You can do your spell and grammar check from Pro Writing Aid.

Edit with ease, and take your prose to the next level.

Simple Platform, Made
For Fiction Writers

Dabble’s intuitive, clean, and easy-to-learn platform was built to get you writing within the first 20 seconds of joining.

No complicated programs or complex widgets to learn - just simple tools designed to remove the headache from planning, finishing, and publishing your masterpiece.

Seamlessly Organize
Your Manuscript

Drag and drop scenes and chapters to effortlessly edit your story without losing your flow.

Instantly flick between character notes, plot timelines, and world-building lore without losing your train of thought.

Bonus For [Dynamic Month] Free Dabbler Membership

Access our Private Writer’s Mastermind and discover the inside secrets from 1000’s of accomplished and aspiring writers, all keeping each other inspired and motivated.

Master the skills to push through the distractions and self-doubt, and finally get your book onto the shelf.

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