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"Dabble is an essential part of my writing career. It keeps me organized, focused, and motivated to get my word count in and my novels finished. I tell every author I know to use Dabble. I love it, and no other writing tool compares to it."

Sally Britton,  Published Author of The Inglewood Romances.

Plan, Finish, And Publish Your
First Inspiring Novel With Dabble

Dabble is where aspiring fiction writers and professionals alike come to write their novel, get published and share their amazing story that inspires readers.

It’s the the only writing platform made specifically for writers to go from first draft to published author with ease.

Be Motivated To Bring Your World To Life

Dabble organizes your characters notes, plot lines, chapters, and scenes.

One-click access to all your notes allows a frictionless writing process. Plus, it’s all saved in the cloud!

Keep Focused &
Finish Your Novel

Put the joy back into your creative flow with distraction free ‘Focus Mode’.

No more procrastination: Bring your characters and worlds to life faster with targeted goal setting and progress tracking to keep you motivated.

Get Published
& Inspire Readers

Dabble helps 1000’s of experienced and first-time writers finally finish the story they’ve been cooking for years…

With all the tools to fast-track your writing process and get your book finished quicker.

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Dabble Is Built By Fiction Writers, For Fiction Writers

Just some of the reasons Dabbler’s love writing with Dabble!

Keep Focussed & Hit Your Goals

Auto-focus mode keeps you in the creative zone, with goal setting and progress tracking motivating you to finally finish your novel.

You can even set word count goals, and deadlines to keep you motivated!

Auto Save & Cloud Based Writing

Cloud-syncing means you can write wherever you are and on any device, whenever the inspiration strikes. Plus, it’s all saved to the cloud and your local storage (so no more lost work!).

Write anywhere, anytime, any device.

Spelling & Grammar Check

Feel confident that your spelling and grammar are correct with support from Pro Writing Aid, seamlessly integrated into Dabble.

Edit with ease, and take your prose to the next level.

Simple Platform, Made
For Fiction Writers

Dabble’s intuitive, clean, and easy-to-learn platform was built to get you writing within the first 20 seconds of joining.

No complicated programs or complex widgets to learn - just simple tools designed to remove the headache from planning, finishing, and publishing your masterpiece.

Seamlessly Organize
Your Manuscript

Drag and drop scenes and chapters to effortlessly edit your story without losing your flow.

Instantly flick between character notes, plot timelines, and world-building lore without losing your train of thought.

Bonus For Free Dabbler Membership

Access our Private Writer’s Mastermind and discover the inside secrets from 1000’s of accomplished and aspiring writers, all keeping each other inspired and motivated.

Master the skills to push through the distractions and self-doubt, and finally get your book onto the shelf.

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Here’s What Other Authors, Scribes, And Scribblers Have To Say About Dabble

Melody Calder
This is hands down the best

I’ve tried so many different writing software programs and this is hands down the best. I love the features for plotting and making notes, character descriptions, and being able to move the plot around when I always go in a different direction. I tried Scrivener but the learning curve was just way too much for me. It's super easy level for a tech challenged person like me.

OldSoul Works
Dabble is a dream come true!

Dabble is a dream come true! It was the 3rd writing software I tried and it was so perfect that I instantly bought the lifetime membership. It's a trusted partner as I plot my way through my first novel. Fantastic updates today, Dabble! 👌

Kate McNamara
The interface is so clean and distraction free

I started using Dabble during National Novel Writing Month 2021, and I now have a 70,000 work in progress on Dabble. The interface is so clean and distraction free, and the tracking feature keeps me motivated. I can keep my notes and story in one place.

Milan S
Dabble is the reason I started writing again

Loved the features of Scrivener but hated the aesthetics of it and how difficult it was to sync between computers... Dabble is the perfect mix of all the features I love about Scrivener with the ease of access and synchronization I got from writing on Gdocs. It’s no understatement to say that Dabble is the reason I started writing again.

A. Carey
Does it all without being overwhelming

It just keeps getting better and better. Well worth every penny. I am able to organize my stories better. All the other programs I tried were good for editing or writing. Dabble was the first platform that works well for the entire writing process. I use it to prep, write, edit (rewrite, edit, rewrite, edit, etc.) it’s easy to export the document as well. I also love that I can write anywhere.

Nicci Kadilak
Have written two full novels using the software

I’ve been using Dabble since 2018 and have written two full novels using the softwares. I LOVE the organizational tools like notecards and drag-and-drop functionality, and the team is adding more features all the time! I can now edit my books on my phone and seamlessly pick up where I left off when I’m back at my computer. I love it.

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Writing Community
Tap into the hive mind of experienced and published writers inside the Story Craft Café. Join a writing group, speed through writing sprints, jump into exclusive workshops, and hear inspiring stories from successful authors.
Dabble is the home of 1000’s of inspired writers, all committed to keeping each other motivated, accountable, and getting their incredible stories published to the world.
Free Course - Finish your First Draft:
Writing your first draft is tough! Whether you're trying to figure out your characters, your plot, or just how to sit down and write, it isn't easy being an author sometimes. In this free course, you are provided with everything you will need to get that first draft start and - most importantly - finished.
All condensed into a simple 10 day course.
Free Book -  Let's Write a Book - A Dabble Guide to Story Craft
An in depth guide to writing an inspiring book. Every step of the way is laid out in detail, including all the common pitfalls and traps.
A clear path to finishing an awesome novel.
Premium Support:
Unlock all levels of Dabble support to get you up to speed and writing your story within the first 2 minutes of signing up.
Chat live with our expert teams of authors and tech geeks, peruse powerful and quick tutorials, and get 24/7 email support.
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Why Aspiring Fiction Writers Choose Dabble As Their #1 Writing Platform To Finish Their Book

Designed To Help Authors Create Rich Worlds And Expansive Plots

Word Processors Are Built For Dry Office Functionality. Other Writing Tools Drown You In Complexity. Only Dabble Puts Your Creative Process Center Stage

Cloud Back Up
Access on any devices
Simple and easy interface
Goal Tracking
Focus Tools
Plotting Tools
Collaborative Writing
(sort of)
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Dabble Is For You, If…

You Struggle To Start & Finish A Book

You have so many ideas, stories, and characters bouncing around your head it’s hard to pick which one to run with.

And when you do start, the urge to jump ship or quit entirely takes hold.

“It helped me so much in my process of writing. Because of dabble I managed to finish two books. I’ve got all my details and world building together so I never lose a thing.”

“Dabble has helped me to be able to see, at a glance, the things that I need to help me keep writing instead of completely stopping the flow.”

You Hit A Brick Wall In The 2nd Act

Your beginning was inspired and the ending your big finale. But in the middle is where complex stories get lost.

You struggle to intertwine plot points, scenes, and characters into a defined middle and push towards a clear ending.

You’re Done With Slow, Ineffective, And Complex Writing Tools

You’ve tried all the other tools and they’re not cutting it.

You’re looking for the best of all words: the organizational tools of Scriver and the simplicity and cloud syncing of Google Docs, but without the ‘office’ feel of Word.

“I tried a number of others, and Dabble was by far the most useful tool that I found. It was the only one that really matched the way I worked. It allowed me to create scenes, name them, move them around, and see how they fit into the longer context. The interface is beautiful and so easy to use.”

“Dabble made it easy to organize my writing so I spend more time writing and less time fighting with software and faffing about.”

Procrastination And Distraction Are Your Biggest Antagonists

Just when your creative energy reaches its peak, you get distracted with formatting, flicking between pages, journals, and notes.

Before you know it, you’ve wasted what little writing time you snatched from your busy schedule, and another scene goes unwritten.

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How It Works

1. Create Your Dabble Account

Sign up for free with your email address (we won’t ask for your card details).

2. Import Your Existing Story

If you already have a manuscript in progress, quickly import your project in a few simple clicks.

3. Start Writing

It’s that simple! Not settings to tweak, no programs to learn. Dabble was designed to get you writing within the first 2 minutes.

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Why Dabblers Love Writing Fiction With Dabble

Join The Dabble Community With A 14 Day Free Trial And Start Writing Your First Book Within Just 60 Seconds
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Plus, All New Dabblers Get Free Lifetime Access To Our Private Dabbler Membership Area, Writer’s Community & Exclusive Trainings

At Dabble we empower you to bring your story to life and finish your first book, and give you the tools you need to get it published.

We invite you to join the 1000’s of writers creating new universes and inspiring a new generation of world-builders.

During your trial you’ll get unlimited access to experience our private Dabbler membership area, complete with free training and resources to help you tell an amazing story, finally finish your book, and get it on the shelf of your local bookstore.

Here’s everything you’ll unlock for free when you try us out today:

14 Day Free Trial
Online Writing Community - Join writing sprints, workshops, and more
Free Course - Finish you First Draft: A Guide to Reaching "The End"
Free Book -  Let's Write a Book - A Dabble Guide to Story Craft
Free trainings & resources to help you bring your novel to life

You get to access all of this for free when you try out Dabble today.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

Do you offer a lifetime plan?

Yep! A one-time payment of $499 gives you all features and updates, forever.

Who is Dabble For?

Fiction writers. Whether this is your first novel or your fiftieth, Dabble was built for writing fiction.

Does Dabble work with NaNoWriMo?

Yes! We’re a proud sponsor of NaNoWriMo and our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with NaNoWriMo every year. Here are some of the ways Dabble Writer can help you win NaNoWriMo:
One-Step Account Linking: Sign up NaNoWriMo then link your credentials with Dabble. Turn on NaNoWriMo integration starting in October.
Word Count: Dabble automatically tracks your word count, and reports it to the folks at NaNoWriMo when you hit 50k.
Goal Setting: Set a word count goal with Dabble to keep yourself accountable. It’s easy to turn days off to take writing breaks too.

Do I have access to my work if I unsubscribe?

You will always have access to your work, whether or not you’re an active subscriber. And everything you write will always be yours. Period.

Do I own my work in Dabble?

Definitely. We’re extremely supportive of authors and their rights. You retain the copyright of any work you write with Dabble’s platform.

Is my writing private and secure?

Yes. Dabble stores your work locally on your computer and syncs it to your secure Dabble account when online over an encrypted connection. All data is stored encrypted at rest on our servers. Only Dabble support operatives have access to your writing and they only access it in order to provide support.

When you sign out from Dabble on a computer, your local data is deleted from that computer.

What happens to my work if Dabble shuts down?

Many users ask us what happens to their work if Dabble ever shuts down. Firstly, Dabble is going to be around for a long time, the business is healthy and sustainable. Second, even if Dabble were to shut down, you would always have access to your work. Since your files are saved locally on your computer via the Dabble desktop app, as well as on a server in the cloud, you’ll always have access even if Dabble doesn’t continue to grow.

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