A novel writing app. For you.

You are a writer.

You dream of publishing your story. Your fingers itch to type out the next great American novel. You long for your voice to be heard.

But writing is hard.

Writing a novel is a huge undertaking.

You want to pull your hair out trying to keep every note, every character sheet, every index card, and every scene organized.

You get lost in your text, trying to find that one scene. The one you meant to come back and work on.

You can't focus on the plot in your word editor. You can't focus on the words in your plotting tool.

What if there was a better way?

A way to focus on writing when you need to write, plotting when you need to plot, and editing when you need to edit?

What if managing all the parts of your story was easy? What if you could focus on your story instead of organization and tools?

Imagine finishing draft after draft, easily getting feedback and edits from your friends and family, and getting your novel published.

Dabble was created for you!

Dabble is a desktop app and a cloud service.

It gives you a beautiful editor for writing your story without distractions. Write like you would in Microsoft Word.

It gives you plotting tools for planning your story out or seeing a birds eye view of each scene.

It gives you robust editing tools to mark up your first draft, to edit all the dialog for each character separately, and to allow your editor (even if it is just your buddy) to mark up your draft online.

It gives you online tools to share parts of your manuscript with your writing friends and get feedback.

Dabble will help you finish your novel.

Be the first.

Dabble is still in production. Be the first to tell your story with Dabble when it becomes available.


How much will Dabble cost?

The Dabble software will be free to use, forever. We believe everyone should have an amazing tool to write their story, and by providing the editor for free, we are enabling authors to do exactly that.

In addition to the Dabble editor, Dabble will provide optional services for a low monthly fee. These services will include cloud storage and backup of your stories, online collaboration tools so that novels may be easily co-authored, and tools for sharing your work with others for review, edit, feedback, or simply enjoyment.

How is Dabble different from Word or Scrivener?

Word and Scrivener—although very different from each other—are both generic tools for writing text. They have no "smarts" built in. They don't know what a Character is, what a Scene is, or how the various story elements relate to each other.

Dabble is made for novelists. It is made for storytellers. It focuses on the novel-writing process and gives you tools for your various roles as an author.

Dabble is also fun. It has personality. Neither of those things can be said about Word or Scrivener.

Learn more.

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