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Dabble is an easy-to-use online writing tool, packed with helpful features that allows beginning novelists and published authors to create amazing stories.

Like Scrivener. Minus the Learning Curve.

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How it Works

Write your novel.

It’s all about simplicity & organization.

If you’re sick of using sticky notes, plotting on a piece of paper, and using elementary word processors, then you’re going to love Dabble.

Dabble was created for two reasons - Simplicity and organization. Other tools are either way too complicated and require a course to teach you how to use them...or too elementary lacking basic tools and organization. That's where Dabble shines!

Plot your story.

Shape your story with Dabble’s unique plotting tool. Plot like J.K. Rowling. Dabble provides a plot grid, plot lines (subplots), and plot points (the events in your subplots) to supercharge your plotting.

See the big picture.

Set up the events in each subplot to happen at the right time in your story.

Dive into each subplot.

Write detailed notes on each plot point in your plot lines.

Write wherever you are.

Keep plotting, writing, and editing wherever you are. Write in the desktop app on your Mac or Windows computer at home. Write in the browser during your lunch break at work. Write offline at the cabin over the weekend. And now, write on your tablet or mobile device!

Automatically sync to the cloud.

Sync your novel up to the cloud and between devices. Dabble keeps a full copy on each device and one in the cloud with extra backup. These copies sync with each other whenever they are online.

The same everywhere.

Use Dabble’s web app ( on any computer, Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and Linux. No waiting for the latest on your computer. Dedicated desktop apps for Mac and Windows are also available for download on our downloads page.

Now on mobile!

The full Dabble app is now available on your mobile or tablet device at and you can even install the web app to your home screen! Sync to & from your computer just works, no workarounds or setup required.

Track your progress.

Dabble helps you set and keep goals.

Work toward daily goals.

Dabble will auto-calculate your daily word count goal, based on how many writing days are left before your goal deadline.

Take days off.

You may not be able (or want to) write every single day. Dabble allows you to mark the days you are taking off so it can accurately track your daily word goal.

Adjust your goal.

Set a goal that is right for you, and set a starting count to only track new words. Set your goal to 20,000 words on top of the 80,000 you already have.

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