Craft your story

Introducing Dabble

Dabble is desktop software for writing novels. It works on Mac and Windows (and in any modern browser—coming soon) and will be able to sync between multiple computers. Dabble is currently in open beta.

Write your novel.

Structure your book.

Divide your manuscript into parts, chapters, and scenes, navigate your novel with a click, and reorder your scenes with an easy drag and drop.

Create a series.

Choose whether to create a solo hit or an epic series, just by adding multiple books.

Find the scene you’re looking for.

Filter scenes by word. Find all the scenes that reference “Jimmy” or that one with the “bloody knife”.

Focus on writing.

Remove all distractions as you type. Navigation, menus, and tools fade out as you type, giving greater focus.

Go full screen.

Turn on focus explicitly and even go full screen for a more immersive writing experience.

Get into scene.

Forget the structure and plot of your masterpiece. Lose yourself in the current scene without any distractions pulling you away.

Keep story notes.

Write character interviews. Track the locations that appear in your story. Keep everything together alongside your manuscript.

Stage portions of manuscript.

Collect chapters and scenes that have no place in the manuscript yet. Pull out scenes that don’t work but might be added later.

See the big picture.

View your entire manuscript by scene. See where each chapter break falls. See your story laid out in a glance.

Keep scene notes.

Add notes to each scene. Title scenes for easier recognition.

View scene notes when writing.

View your scene notes when you’re ready to write. Remind yourself what must happen in each scene.

Dabble is in beta

Give feedback.

Provide feedback in the Dabble beta—and beyond—to make Dabble the greatest writing tool available for novelists.

Make Dabble into the tool you need.

Guide Dabble early on to ensure it works the way you do. Be a part of making something great. Over time, your feedback will shape Dabble into something we all will love.

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