Craft your story

Meet Dabble.

Dabble’s mission is to help you change the world. To leave your mark on humankind. To reach out through the pages of your novel and touch the hearts of others.

Dabble helps you write novels.

Use Dabble to write, to plot, and to edit. But Dabble’s goal is more than helping you write novels. Dabble’s goal is to help you write good novels, and to help you become a better novelist.

Dabble just released at the end of September.

Top Features

Write your novel.

Organize your story.

Divide your manuscript into parts, chapters, and scenes, navigate your novel with a click, and reorder your scenes with drag and drop.

Stay focused as you write.
  • Auto-scrolling scrolls the page as you type so your hands never have to leave the keyboard.
  • Auto-focus-mode fades out everything but the page and text as you type to help you stay in the zone.
  • Auto-formatting allows you to focus on writing words instead of formatting chapter titles.

Plot your story.

Shape your story with Dabble’s unique plotting tool. Plot like J.K. Rowling. Dabble provides a plot grid, plot lines (subplots), and plot points (the events in your subplots) to supercharge your plotting.

See the big picture.

Set up the events in each subplot to happen at the right time in your story.

Dive into each subplot.

Write detatiled notes on each plot point in your plot lines.

Write wherever you are.

Keep plotting, writing, and editing wherever you are. Write in the desktop app on your Mac or Windows computer at home. Write in the browser during your lunch break at work. Write offline at the cabin over the weekend.

Automatically sync to the cloud.

Sync your novel up to the cloud and between computers. Dabble keeps a full copy on each computer and one in the cloud. These copies sync with each other when they are online.

Use Dabble’s web app at and download the desktop app on our downloads page.

Use Dabble free this November.

Trial for free throughout November.

As an official sponsor for NaNoWriMo we want you to be able to fully try Dabble this November. Simply sign up now and you will automatically receive a free trial through December 6th.

Get additional discounts.

You can get a 20% discount for a year, just for participating in NaNoWriMo. If you win, meaning you write 50k words in November, you will get a 50% discount! More details on the sponsor offers page.

Get Dabble at a huge discount!

For a limited time, Dabble is offering an Introductory Pricing plan!

This plan gives you Dabble for $4.99/month, rather than Dabble’s regular monthly subscription at $9/month. When you sign up now you are automatically put onto the intro plan. As long as you keep your subscription active, you will be able to keep it forever!

If you participate in NaNoWriMo to get an additional 20% for the year, that’s only $3.99/month. And if you are a NaNoWriMo winner, you can have Dabble for a mere $2.49/month!

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