Permanent COVID-19 Relief Pricing for a Limited Time

Many are struggling during the current worldwide pandemic, both financially and emotionally. The world needs stories—your stories—to inspire, to lift, and to provide an escape. To help with this, we are reducing our pricing during the next little while to make it more affordable for you to write better novels with Dabble. Craft your story. Help the world.

These price reductions will be locked in for you. Your pricing will not increase for the lifetime of your subscription, even once we restore our original pricing.

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Start organizing your manuscript and meeting new goals.
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No credit card required.
/month USD
$48 total Paid Annually
Start 14-day Trial
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/month USD
Cloud Backup
Dabble backs up your work to your Dabble cloud account, encrypted and safe.
Cloud Sync
Automatically sync all your writing between computers and mobile devices.
Access on any computer
Dabble is available on any device with a modern browser. PC, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook.
Access on mobile!
Dabble is now available on mobile and tablet devices with a modern browser. Supports add-to-homescreen.
Manuscript Organization
Work with each chapter or scene as a single document or a collection. Drag-n-drop to move scenes and chapters.
Goals & Stats
Set a word count goal for your novel and track towards a deadline.
Spell Check
Advanced spell check powered by ProWritingAid.
Low-priority Support
Email Dabble support for help within a few business days.


Edit and polish your work. Prepare for publication.
Start 14-day Trial
No credit card required.
/month USD
$144 Paid Annually
Start 14-day Trial
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/month USD
Everything in Standard,
Get in-depth grammar and style checking powered by ProWritingAid!
(Coming Soon)
Co-author your novel with another Dabble member.
Priority Chat Support
Chat directly with Dabble support from within Dabble. Responses are usually within 2 hours during the week.
Are you a student?

Dabble provides a student discount.

Want a lifetime plan?

A one-time payment of $399 gives you all features forever (no discounts allowed, sorry).
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dabble for?

Dabble is designed for everyone writing a novel. Whether it’s your first time writing a novel for fun or you’re a professional author, Dabble has features you’ll enjoy. Since Dabble is so easy to use, it’s a great program for young children or anyone less comfortable with technology. Dabble also has all the integrations and features to help published authors keep multiple book projects on track, share manuscripts with editors, and more. Poetry, screenplays, or notes for college also work well with Dabble, we support all forms of writing!

Why is Dabble a subscription service?

Dabble offers Cloud Backup and Sync across all your devices, a huge value to protect the precious words you write.

You also get continued updates and improvements as part of your subscription.

Do you offer a lifetime plan?

Yes. We now offer a lifetime plan. It gives you our top plan (Premium) at a one-time price. All new features will be available to you and continued use of the platform for the rest of your life. Non-transferrable. Lock in the price now.

You will be able to choose this option at checkout.

Do you offer any discounts?

If you are a teacher or a student, Dabble offers a 30% student discount to encourage young writers. Claim your discount at Note, your Dabble account does not need to be the same email used to claim your discount.

Does Dabble work with NaNoWriMo?

Yes! We’re a proud sponsor of NaNoWriMo and our platform is designed to integrate with NaNoWriMo. Here are some of the ways Dabble can help you win NaNoWriMo:

  1. One-Step Account Linking: Sign up with NaNoWriMo and link your credentials with Dabble. Turn on NaNoWriMo integration starting in October.
  2. Word Count: Dabble automatically tracks the word count for your NaNoWriMo Novel and updates the word count for you on the NaNoWriMo website.
  3. Goal Setting: Set a word count goal with Dabble to keep yourself accountable. It’s easy to mark Days Off to take writing breaks too.

What does Dabble’s future look like?

Dabble’s future is bright. Dabble began late 2017, and since then we’ve released many new features and gained a loyal community of writers. As a small business, we are dedicated to increasing our service and platform to serve every author. Want to be part of Dabble’s future?

  • Vote for the next new feature and see what other users are requesting.
  • Check out our roadmap to see all the fun things Dabble has considered for the coming years.
  • Sign up and see for yourself what thousands of writers love about Dabble.

Do I have access to my work if I unsubscribe?

Yes. You continue to have access to your manuscripts for at least 1 year from the time you unsubscribe. Sign in to view and export your work any time after your subscription ends. You will not be able to write any new words or use Dabble’s features, but all your existing manuscripts and notes will be viewable in read-only mode.

Do I own my work in Dabble?

We’re extremely supportive of authors and their rights. You retain the copyright of any work you write with Dabble’s platform. You will always have access to your work, whether or not you’re an active subscriber. And everything you write will always be yours. Period.

Is my writing private and secure?

Yes. Dabble stores your work locally on your computer and syncs it to your secure Dabble account when online over an encrypted connection. All data is stored encrypted at rest on Google’s cloud services which are managed professionally by Google engineers and IT personnel. Only Dabble support operatives have access to your writing and only access it in order to provide support.

We will never share your work with anyone without express permission (e.g. such as a share feature within Dabble).

When you sign out from Dabble on a computer, your local database is deleted so no trace of your data will exist on that computer.

What happens to my work if Dabble shuts down?

Dabble is here to stay. The business is healthy and sustainable. If Dabble were to close down its service, we promise to provide plenty of warning for you to export your work. Your data is saved locally on your computer and synced to your online Dabble account, so you could continue to write without Dabble running for awhile after Dabble was gone (just like you would offline).