Scrivener vs. Dabble for Writing Novels

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4 things Authors love about Dabble.


Access from anywhere.

Dabble stores your writing securely in the cloud, a fancy way to say hosted internet services. You can access Dabble from any computer without installs through your web browser. You can work offline too. Dabble syncs up as soon as it is online again.

Desktop apps are available for convenience.

Syncing that works.

You don’t need to throw your files into Dropbox with a prayer and a wish that they won’t corrupt, losing thousands of words. Dabble sync is built-in, fully supported, and automatic.

One version, every computer.

You don’t have to wait for the Windows version to catch up to the Mac. Dabble is the same everywhere. It even works on Chromebooks and Linux as well!

The latest features.

You always have the latest version of the software. New features are pushed out to everyone as soon as the are released. You don’t need to wait years for a new version.


For the price of 2 cups of coffee a month you can improve your writing and find greater joy in it.

Easy to use and beautiful.

No master class necessary.

You can learn how to use Dabble intuitively, jumping in and exploring. You won’t need hours of YouTube videos to explain how.

Simplicity is a core value.

From its name to its features, you can count on Dabble to remain simple. It takes more work to keep things simple, but Dabble is committed to do so. You will write better if your mind is fully committed to your story, rather than your tool.


When you write every day, it sure helps to use something that is nice on the eyes.

Seamless focus.

No special focus mode.

As part of Dabble’s simplicity, focus is automatic. You don’t have to learn about and go hunting for a special button to turn it on. You might not even notice it (which is the point).

Typewriter scrolling.

Wherever you place your cursor, that is where it will stay vertically as you type. You don’t need to stop your typing to scroll down.

Fade distractions.

When you type, the noise on either side of the page fades out, slowly to avoid distraction, leaving you with just your words and the page.

Specialized plotting.

Shape your story with Dabble’s unique plotting tool. Plot like J.K. Rowling. Dabble provides a plot grid, plot lines (subplots), and plot points (the events in your subplots) to supercharge your plotting.

See the big picture.

You can see how the events in each subplot relate to the story overall. You can adjust them for better pacing. And you can find plot holes more easily.

Dive into each subplot.

Write detailed notes on each plot point in your plot lines.

Scrivener vs Dabble.

Just the beginning.

These 4 things (along with other great features like integration with and amazing goal setting) are just a start. We have many more things in store for you.

The next evolution.

Scrivener has been an amazing tool, helping authors organize and write their stories. Dabble is the next evolution of the writing tool. Dabble builds upon what Scrivener has pioneered, simplifying, enhancing, and ushering in the next phase of novel writing.

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