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Why is Dabble a subscription service?

We chose our pricing model to enable the best experience possible. This gives us 3 huge advantages: a better product, continual improvements, and ongoing services.

With a subscription model, we get to keep improving Dabble in ways that will help you better in your writing, rather than in ways that will help us sell the next upgrade. Unlike 1-time paid desktop products, we won't just pack in more features for the upgrade sell (looking at you MS Word), adding features for the sake of adding features. We can keep things simple and add only those features that improve the overall experience to make you the most successful. And we can iterate on making the overall experience easier/better. You know, those things that make all the difference, but that don't sell an upgrade.

With a subscription, we aren't waiting for the next product upgrade cycle to pay our developers. We get to release updates and improvements all the time. We've already made a ton of releases adding everything from book covers to mobile support, all of which our users receive automatically and in a timely manner. No waiting years for the next upgrade release.

Finally, with a subscription we can afford to offer you services on top of (or in addition to) our product. Dabble gives you automatic Cloud Backup and Sync across all your devices, a huge deal when want to protect the precious words you write. We store your work and can let you work on them on any device you want. And since we control the servers, we can ensure your data isn't corrupted by a generic 3rd-party backup service which may overwrite or merge incorrectly. We can also provide co-authoring, allowing you to work with multiple authors on a book. We can give you share-to-web, beta and editor workflows (both coming soon), and additional free products that you'll enjoy but might not be willing to pay for by themselves (wordsprints.org). All these services we wouldn't be able to justify doing without a subscription.

I know, our lives are filling up with subscriptions, some of which don't even provide ongoing services or value. You have to decide for yourself what is most important to you, where you want to spend your time, and where your hard-earned dollars will go. It might be to the gym, yet another streaming television network to veg in front of, or a subscription box that excites you. A Dabble subscription is for writers. Those who get more joy from writing than from watching TV. Those who write regularly, who want to finally finish that book, who want to create so much it hurts. That is who we built Dabble for. If that is you, a Dabble subscription is totally worth it. And if you disagree, let us know! We'll refund you. Easy. Simple. We are here to help writers, and if we can't, we don't want to take your money.

Who is Dabble for?

Dabble has a laser-focused design for anyone writing a novel. Whether it’s your first time writing for fun or you’re a professional author, Dabble will help you. Dabble is so easy to use, it’s great for those who don't want to learn complex software before they can get to their words. Dabble has all the integrations and features to help published authors keep multiple book projects on track, share manuscripts with editors, and more. Fantasy or romance, thriller or memoir, if it's a novel, Dabble is perfect for you.

Do I have access to my work if I unsubscribe?

Yes. 100%. You have access to your work forever. Sign in to view and export your books any time after your subscription ends. Your work will simply be read-only, meaning you will not be able to write any new words, but all your existing manuscripts and notes will be viewable, waiting for you to sign back up in the future to continue writing.

Do I own my work in Dabble?

Definitely. We’re extremely supportive of authors and their rights. You retain the copyright of any work you write with Dabble’s platform. You will always have access to your work, whether or not you’re an active subscriber. And everything you write will always be yours. Period.

Is my writing private and secure?

Yes. Dabble stores your work locally on your computer and syncs it to your secure Dabble account when online over an encrypted connection. All data is stored encrypted at rest on our servers. Only Dabble support operatives have access to your writing and they only access it in order to provide support.

We will never share your work with anyone without express permission (e.g. such as you choosing to share with others using the share-to-web feature).

When you sign out from Dabble on a computer, your local data is deleted from that computer.

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