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I wanted to thank you again for providing the interface and functionality I wanted. Scrivener was too complex and syncing was fraught with peril. Novlr lost my stories.

— Lorene

I’m getting addicted to using Dabble. Thanks!!

— Natasha

I have long loved Scrivener. Compared to Word or Google Docs, it’s so much easier to create and reference characters, outlines, and worldbuilding in a dedicated novel writing software. Dabble is so much better than Scrivener. Scrivener has everything. It really does. But it is confusing, and clunky. Dabble has everything I need for creating and writing my stories (fantasy novels, which need a LOT of notes), without anything I don’t. It’s simplistic in the best way, and it’s gorgeous to boot. The plot grid may have blown my mind. I have never been so excited about outlining in my life. All in all, I love Dabble and I hope it sticks around for a looooong time, because I never want to write with anything else!

— Constance
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I have been very much enjoying the experience. The NaNoWriMo integration is amazing.

— Danielle

I downloaded the trial offer and quickly decided to use the monthly paid subscription service. Dabble is a very powerful writing tool. As with any software program, there is a learning curve. The programmers at Dabble have done everything possible to make that learning curve as short as possible. The interface is quite intuitive. That combined with the unparalleled support caused me to know this was the tool for me. And that was after evaluating several others. Get it. Use it. Enjoy an enriched personal life with a journal, or explore the path of getting your book published. Either way, you will be the better for using Dabble.

— Robert

Dabble is a very smooth interface. It is one of the easiest that I have ever used. I thoroughly enjoy it.

— Latara

The fact that Dabble has a web interface and online sync was the clincher for me.

— Caden

I absolutely love the plot grid. <3

— Leia
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I am really enjoying the program so much. I love that I can work in the webapp even if I’m not online.

— Sander

I really like the simplicity of the structure of this programme. And I’m clearly not a programme person. I’ve taught Writing and it just matches how my brain works.

— Christine

So far it has been wonderful! It motivates me to take things one step at a time with creating my first novel!

— Mariah

I Love LOVE LOVE this program. I tried autocrit and iliys and this one just works for me. For the first time I finished a book and I am soooo soooo happy!

— Ottilia

I just want to let you guys know that I am in love with my experience with Dabble. I look forward to writing just to see my stuff laid out in front of me.

— Anna

Dabble remains my new favorite thing. I spent last night trying out every browser-based novel-writing tool in existence. And I’m back here with Dabble this morning. 🙂

— Doug
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I love what you are doing and have already signed up to continue past the free trial. This product gives me so much flexibility and peace of mind. Just knowing if my computer goes belly up that my work is safe is an enormous thing. So thank you and I can’t wait for the goal tracker!

— Terri

I just want you to know how awesome I think Dabble is. This is a really worthwhile app for any writer and while it is geared towards the novel would be useful for any long form writing. This is a fantastic product.

— Jessica

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“I’ve been really enjoying using Dabble! I love all of the organizational things with the plotline and worldbuilding things.”
– Sal

“This UI is really slick!”
– Nathalie

“Dabble is really convenient and well organized.”
– Marion

“I’m about 7000 words in and love Dabble so far. I really like the plot grid and the note sections to keep track of everything.”
– Michelle

“Love how simple and elegant Dabble is.”
– Jonathan

“This is a great app!”
– Alyssa

“Dabble is amazing!”
– Leo

“I really appreciate all the work you have done thus far with Dabble!”
– Matthew

“Dabble is awesome!”
– Mahalia

“I am absolutely loving it.”
– Porter

“My first impression is that Dabble is absolutely gorgeous! I am beyond excited to use it and I really appreciate the quick reply from you!”
– Terry

“Thank you for creating such a wonderful writing app. I love it so much!”
– Sabrina

“I love this software!”
– Debbie

“I really do like this app/program/software.”
– Ashton

“I think you’re onto something.”
– Catherine

“I love love love the “plot” section. I’ve used Scrivener before and the way you’ve set up the plot area is fantastic. Much more useable.”
– TK

“I find the lack of controls a good thing! I’m a rusted on Scrivener user but I’ve really enjoyed using Dabble. I’ve whacked it on the laptop and I’ll be using it on the road. Thank you so much for the software! I’ll be signing up at the end of NaNoWriMo – because you just can’t have too much writing software 👍“
– Sue

“I am super excited about this software.”
– Annie

“I’m really liking Dabble so far. The simplicity and minimalism is quite beautiful!”
– Drew

“I love the simplicity you’re aiming for.”
– Stacks

“Thanks so much for creating Dabble! This is by far the BEST writing software I’ve ever used.”
– Jessica

“What an elegant solution.”
– Jamie

“Dabble is great! 🙂 Very easy to use even for a not good with tech person like me.”
– Becky

“Absolutely love that it updates my NaNo site count!”
– AJ

“I love the tool – it’s the cleanest one I’ve seen.”
– Sunny

“I’ve been really pleased with Dabble so far! I love the design… and the distraction-free fade-in is fantastic. I didn’t even notice it at first.”
– Rae

“The [NaNoWriMo] word count integration was a stroke of genius on your part.”
– Joe

“I am absolutely adoring Dabble at the moment. The set up is very neat and clean cut.”
– Amorentia

“Dabble is the best novel software I’ve experienced.”
– Sono

“Thank you for the awesome app! Am definitely recommending Dabble to all my writing buddies :)”
– Monica

“I’m enjoying it very much. It’s great to be able to skip easily to my story notes and scenes before I begin writing each chapter. I’m so glad I found this tool!”
– Lori

“Just wanted to let you know that the NaNoWriMo word count feature is awesome and you’re doing a great job.”
– Lana

“I just want to let you guys know that I am in love with my experience with Dabble. I look forward to writing just to see my stuff laid out in front of me.”
– Anna

“Looking great so far. Spent the morning at a cafe yesterday transferring my existing manuscript to Dabble. Today is Day 1 of NanoWrimo and I LOVE the integration.”
– Julie

“You are wonderful! Thank you. I am excited to be along to use Dabble & watch it grow!”
– April

“Your help and understanding has been simply top-notch through this entire process and I’m truly grateful!”
– Christine

“This writing environment is lovely. Thanks for the NaNo sponsorship!”
– Elizabeth

“I would like to say that I love this product so much! Thank you for making it. It has made my life as a writer so much easier!”
– Maria

“I like the simplicity. And it just looks pretty.”
– Julie

“Rather an intuitive site.”
– Helen

“I have been totally loving the software.”
– Dean

“I really like Dabble so far and have recommended it to a number of writer friends. I have enjoyed the interface and the easy access from different computers through the cloud storage system.”
– Teeth

“I love the set-up that you have created for the site. It is very user friendly. I guess I will no longer use Word since I have your site. Nice job on the site.”
– Forest“Keep up the good work man. I’m having a great time using your program!”
– Max

“I appreciate all your hard work and I am enjoying the program!”
– Kris

“I have to say I am loving Dabble! Wow.”
– Denise

“I absolutely love Dabble. It’s amazing.”
– Tuja

“Loving the program thus far and am really looking forward to seeing what it can do.”
– Joe

“Thanks for all your work to make Dabble great. I’m loving working with it for my NaNo novel!”
– Glynis

“I fell in love with it right away.”
– Roger

“Amazing! Simple. Clean. Nice!”
– Jaime

“I sincerely hope you will be able to make Dabble into everything you’d like it to be. Thank you for putting so much time into this and for continuing to improve it.”
– Sarah

“Dabble is working amazingly! I finally had a chance to start writing again. Thank you for all the updates!!”
– C

“Dabble is stellar! So simple and easy to use. The customer support is outstanding! I lost a bunch of material from the cloud but I got in touch with customer support and they rescued my lost files! Support always responds promptly and is super helpful and friendly. Absolutely recommend to all writers out there who are looking for a refreshing new platform to write with!”
– Ellie

“I’m loving Dabble. It’s helped me out with NaNoWriMo big time!”
– Ellie

“I’ve been absolutely adoring Dabble. Its a fantastic program.”
– Ian

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