Black Friday Steals for Storytellers

November 24, 2023

As Black Friday approaches, it's not just the savvy shoppers and tech enthusiasts who have something to look forward to. Writers, prepare to be delighted! This year's Black Friday brings an array of incredible deals tailored specifically for you, the scribes and storytellers of our time.

From cutting-edge writing software to inspiring courses, we've scoured the best deals from our trusted partners. Whether you're a budding novelist, a freelance wordsmith, or a seasoned author, these offers are designed to fuel your creativity and streamline your writing process. 

Dive into our curated list of Black Friday deals and find the perfect tools to take your writing to new heights.

Dabble: Revolutionize Your Writing with Cloud-Based Simplicity

Dabble offers a streamlined writing experience, perfect for authors who value simplicity and efficiency. With its clean interface, this cloud-based platform ensures your work is always accessible, both online and offline. 

Key features like story notes and goal tracking help organize your ideas and track progress, while the platform's automatic backup provides peace of mind. Ideal for writers at any stage, Dabble is the essential writing tool for crafting and refining your stories.

Ready to elevate your writing journey? Click here to explore Dabble's exclusive Black Friday offer.

The Write Practice: Transform Your Writing with the Writer's Starter Pack Class Bundle

The Write Practice presents the Writer's Starter Pack Class Bundle, an exceptional collection of seven classes designed to significantly enhance your writing skills. 

This bundle covers a wide range of topics, from crafting compelling characters to mastering the art of storytelling. Each class is tailored to help both aspiring and experienced writers develop their craft and navigate the complexities of the writing process. 

The Writer's Starter Pack offers an incredible value, providing these comprehensive classes at a significantly reduced price.

Embark on a transformative writing journey with The Write Practice. Seize this opportunity to save 60%!

Fictionary: Elevate Your Story Editing with Structured Precision

With Fictionary, you gain access to a structured approach to editing. Using Fictionary’s groundbreaking StoryTeller software and the Fictionary Live! guided editing program, you’ll have all the tools and support you need to transform a mediocre manuscript into a bestselling novel.

Fictionary StoryTeller makes editing easier by helping you apply universal storytelling structures to each and every scene. It automatically creates powerful visuals by analyzing your manuscript from start to finish. Insights such as the Story Arc provide a 30,000-foot view of your manuscript and quickly highlight structural areas that need improvement. You'll evaluate and revise your manuscript against 38 Fictionary Story Elements to tell a powerful story readers will naturally connect with.

And, if you are looking for more hands-on help, Fictionary StoryTeller Premium subscribers are invited to online working sessions with highly experienced Fictionary Certified Instructors and a small cohort of authors. The sessions are live on zoom and highly practical. In every meeting, you’ll work on a specific element of your story under their expert guidance and your story will become stronger. It's a sure-fire path to an unforgettable book.

Discover how Fictionary can transform your writing. Explore the Black Friday offer now.

ProWritingAid: Enhance Your Writing with a Personal Editing Assistant

ProWritingAid gives you clear, easy steps to improve your writing so you can write, edit and share your stories with confidence.

ProWritingAid's real-time feedback and in-depth reports offer world-class grammar, style and consistency checking. Writers strengthen their prose, improve their clarity, and have more time to focus on their story when using ProWritingAid. The unique combination of suggestions, metrics and in-app learning makes writing fun and interactive.

The more you use ProWritingAid, the more you will learn. Your skills will grow and your ideas will shine. Browser extensions, desktop apps and integrations with Word, Scrivener and many more mean that you can use ProWritingAid wherever you write.

Take your writing to the next level with ProWritingAid. Check out their Black Friday special here.

Helping Writers Become Authors: Unlock Your Storytelling Potential

Elevate your writing game with this arsenal of resources from Helping Writers Become Authors! K.M. Weiland's popular writing books offer expert guidance on plot, character, and story structure. Take it a step further with interactive workbooks (including the Outlining Your Novel Workbook software) that can turn your knowledge into practical skills. 

Dive deep into character development with the Creating Character Arcs Course, and don't miss the unique Archetypal Character Guided Meditations for delving into your characters' minds and dreaming up new story ideas. Whether you're a budding writer or seasoned wordsmith, these tools from Helping Writers Become Authors tools will enhance your storytelling prowess. Invest in your writing journey today!

Embark on your journey to becoming a master storyteller. Discover their Black Friday deals here.

First Editing: Professional Editing Services Tailored for Your Manuscript

FirstEditing's professional editors correct and perfect every word so you can publish your manuscript confidently and successfully. You get an expert editor in your genre to personally edit your writing, revise your syntax, and advise you on how to develop and structurally strengthen your writing. 

They choose their best editor for your project which allows you to save time and energy while avoiding the frustration of "shopping" for a freelancer. Their editors are vetted, trained, and certified experts with publishing experience who can coach you too. 

Plus, you'll receive a satisfaction guarantee and a FREE editing sample of your writing. Thus, you can see for yourself and try before you buy.

Elevate your manuscript with expert editing. Check out First Editing's Black Friday offer here.

Jenna Moreci: Master the Art of Writing with Expert Guidance

A step-by-step guide to crafting your novel from plan to print, written by award-winning author and YouTube sensation, Jenna Moreci. 

Enhance your writing journey with Jenna Moreci. Explore her Black Friday specials here.

One Stop for Writers: A Comprehensive Toolbox for Creative Writers

Ready for a game-changer? Look no further than One Stop for Writers – your ultimate storytelling companion. Our groundbreaking tools will help you craft characters with true depth, invent fresh and captivating plots, and construct immersive worlds that your readers won't want to leave. 

Whether you're just starting your journey or need an extra push to get your book to the finish line, our Storyteller's Roadmap guides you as you plan, write, and revise, and our one-of-a-kind Description Thesaurus database will help you master show-don’t-tell, so only your best prose makes it to the page. 

Use the code BF2023 to unlock a 40% discount on our 6-month plan. Writing can be easier!

Check out their deal here.

Sacha Black: Empowering Writers with Actionable Writing Advice

Do you want to improve your prose, characters or storytelling? Join rebel author, podcaster, and bestselling author Sacha Black for her writing classes, books and audiobooks.

Take your writing to the next level with Sacha Black. See her Black Friday offerings here.

Women in Publishing: Empowering Female Voices in the Literary World

The Women in Publishing Summit is a week-long conference that provides resources and training to authors across all facets of writing, publishing, marketing, and author development.

Made by women, for women, the conference not only delivers incredible content, but celebrates the achievements of women in the industry. Plus, you’ll get access to even more incredible discounts and opportunities from the event’s sponsors to help you in the training process.

Join an online event that uplifts and empowers. Explore Women in Publishing's Black Friday offer here.

Write Publish Sell: Your Gateway to Successful Self-Publishing

We're celebrating 10 years in the business of supporting authors with a bundle of 4 of our most popular book marketing workshops for ONLY $10!

Start your self-publishing journey with confidence. Check out Write Publish Sell's Black Friday specials here.

BookFunnel: Streamlining Your Book Distribution and Promotion

BookFunnel is the premier software service for authors. Whether it’s delivering your reader magnet or ARCs, finding great ways to promote and swap books with other authors, or doing direct sales and Kickstarter fulfillment, BookFunnel is the essential tool for your author business.

Enhance your book distribution and promotion strategies. Discover BookFunnel's Black Friday deal here.

Scribophile: Building a Supportive Community for Writers

Scribophile is one of the web's largest online writing communities and workshops. Writers of all skill levels join to make friends, finish their novels, help each other improve, take writing classes, and meet beta readers.

Join a community that nurtures and refines your writing. Explore Scribophile's Black Friday offerings here.

PublishDrive: Maximize Your Book's Reach with Innovative Publishing Solutions

Easily self-publish ebooks online, audiobooks, and print books to thousands of stores worldwide. One click, publish everywhere for a flat fee. 

Expand your book's global footprint with PublishDrive. Check out their Black Friday special here.

Alliance of Independent Authors: Championing the Success of Indie Authors

Enjoy 50% OFF six-month or lifetime access to content from the Self-Publishing Advice Conference (provided by the Alliance of Independent Authors) with discount code BLACKFRIDAY23

Explore ALLi's Black Friday offer here.

Publisher Rocket: Mastering the Art of eBook Publishing and Marketing

Publisher Rocket is the world’s leading book marketing software that has helped over 70,000+ authors of all levels sell more books, and save loads of time doing it. It comes from Dave Chesson, the brains behind Kindlepreneur, so you know you’re in safe hands!

For a limited time, Dave is offering you the Kindlepreneur Keywords and Categories Course absolutely free when you buy Publisher Rocket.

Myth HQ: Unleash Your Creativity with AI Storyteller Premium

From Jason Hamilton (aka The Nerdy Novelist on YouTube), comes AI Storyteller Premium, which is a thorough training platform designed to help authors navigate the world of AI, finish a book, and publish it using AI tools, but without sacrificing the quality of the book itself. 

Step into the future of storytelling with Myth HQ. Explore the special offer here.

Writers Room: Join the Fastest Growing Community for Serious Writers

The Writers Room is the world's fastest growing virtual community for writers who want to master the craft and make a living as a writer.  Led by Maxwell Alexander Drake - Comic Con San Diego's pre-eminent writing instructor - Join regular writing sessions, critique pods, develop circles, story intensives and more.

Become a part of a thriving community dedicated to writing excellence. Take advantage of the 50% off for the first three months here.