How Dabble's Shiniest Features Compare to Other Writing Programs

October 21, 2021
April 20, 2023

We are always striving to improve so that your writing experience is simple, elegant, organized, and personalized to you. Let's dig into the powerful new features and see how they compare to other writing software.


You asked and we delivered! You can now co-author your stories in Dabble.Keep everything in one place so you and your co-author can stop worrying about multiple docs, links, and emails. Your story notes, plot lines, and folders are all stored in the cloud and synced so you can easily share all of your amazing ideas in one easy-to-use platform.Just send an invite from your Project Preferences and then you can share the space. No more constant sending and resending Scrivener and Word doc files.

New Dabble feature of coauthoring

Furthermore, Dabble removes the nightmare of re-formatting with copy-paste, because the CTRL, C, and V keys are already overworked as it is.With Dabble you can easily move scenes and chapters around as you see fit (along with some other fancy new features that we will discuss below). As always, all changes are synced so you and your fellow novel writer are on the same page (literally).Unlike other programs such as Scrivener or Microsoft Word, Dabble finally gives creative writers a truly collaborative tool where you can keep your whole project in one space.We know the writing process can be messy. We also know that when more than one person is involved, staying organized is crucial. So we implemented co-authoring so you can worry less about where that word document is buried in your files, and focus more on creating your masterpiece together.

Comments and highlighting.

Comment and highlighting features.

We know that any good writing program worth their semicolons helps writers not only get words on the page but also helps them refine them.We added the highly anticipated comment and highlight features to help your story reach its full potential.Editing can be tricky. In fact, it can be downright exhausting. Regardless, if you want to help your story become the best version of itself, then you have to face the challenge of trimming, slimming, and fixing your manuscript.With these newly added features, you can easily highlight important sections and comment on anything and everything! Keep track of story elements you want to change, note down a character's thoughts and motivations, or clarify key details.

New in-text toolbar.

We recommend just leaving a comment complimenting yourself on what an awesome writer you are. You deserve some credit for that amazing bit you wrote.You know that part about the thing when they were about to go to that wondrous new place and then that crazy thing happened? Yeah you know what we're talking about. Pat yourself on the back for that one.

Sticky notes.

Dabble's new sticky note feature.

Ahhh the sticky note. Where would we be without it?Sticky notes are to writers as plungers are to plumbers. We can't live without them, and they always seem to make a mess.Are your desk and monitor covered in a collage of square jewel-tone slips of paper? If so, you'll be glad to know that you can carry on that tradition in Dabble!Add sticky notes to your manuscript so you can capture those bursts of inspiration and then move them within the scene however you’d like.We strive to create a writing application that embraces your process. So whether you love to bury your writing project in sticky notes, or you've never stuck a sticky and you swear you never will, Dabble now supports and celebrates sticky and non-sticky habits.On top of all of this, the right sidebar has been reworked so you can toggle on and off comments, sticky notes, and story notes as well as grammar and spelling preferences.

New sidebar options.

Split and join scenes and chapters.

Unlike other programs, Dabble is for more than processing words. Wanna split chapter 7 and move the second half to the end of act II? That is going to take a whole lot of CTRL+F to get things where they belong in a word processor.Dabble is called a novel writing software for a reason. Complex tasks like writing a novel require specific and powerful tools. So to be the best novel writing tool out there, we have launched our split and join functions. Add a blank white line then click the little plus on the side and choose which kind of split you'd like.Organizing your novel is now even easier. Now, on top of dragging and dropping scenes and chapters, you can also move and shake them! You can split and join scenes to your heart's content. Mix each scene and chapter together however you'd like, you’ve got full control of your story structure.

Duplicate projects.

Are you the kind of person that has 14 versions of their novel all saved in the same folder just so you can keep track of each little change? Us too. We like to keep versions 1, 2, 3, and 4 just in case that great dialogue in version 2 meshes well with that action scene in version 4.That's exactly why you can now duplicate your projects in Dabble. Create as many copies as you'd like so you can let your creativity run wild in one version and come back to the old one if your creativity's wildness got out of hand.Oh, and when we say as many as you'd like, we mean it. You get unlimited manuscripts with your Dabble account. So even if you reach version 18.19 of your novel, rest assured that all the iterations preceding are safe and secure for your benefit.

Join the Dabblers.

A desk with various writing tools

Let's face it, you need more than just a text editor, but you also shouldn't have to spend hours on Youtube tutorials to get started writing. Dabble is like mixing all the best parts of other book writing software in one easy-to-use package. We designed Dabble to get out of your way and let you write. Don't just take our word for it, see what other writers are saying.Here's a look at what else comes packed into Dabble to help you reach your writing goals:

  • Novel plotting tools (including new chapter markers!)
  • Scene, setting, and character notes
  • Word count goal tracking
  • Cloud storage
  • Offline mode (for those sweet remote writing retreats)
  • Browser access
  • Desktop app
  • Mobile access
  • Export to Word
  • Dark theme (your eyes will thank you at 3:00 am)
  • NaNoWriMo integration
  • Daily backups
  • Font themes
  • And more

We've got much more planned and are always working to improve. Wanna see what we've got coming in the future? Check out our product roadmap. Or share with us what you want most in Dabble by requesting a feature. No one knows better what works for you than you do.Want to try out our newest features? Get started with a 14-day free trial!