Dabble and Fast Drafting

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Our partners over at Writing Mastery Academy invited our founder Jacob to share his insights about how Dabble can be used to complete your first draft.


Jacob shows off some of Dabble’s awesome features in the video. Check out Writing Mastery Academy or take a look at our weekly demo webinars to dig into some of Dabble’s best features.


From the full plot grid to moving around your chapters, Jacob gives a full tour of Dabble. Author Jessica Brody and Jacob share how Dabble helps writers reach that glorious moment, writing “The End”.


Try out Dabble today! Or learn more about Writing Mastery Academy.

Robert Reed Smith

Robert Reed Smith

Robert dreams of being the Bob Ross of writing. He likely couldn’t pull off the afro, but he hopes that—like Bob Ross with painting—he can help everyday people realize the simple joy of writing. He believes that anyone can write a masterpiece with a bit of effort, happy accidents, and dedication. He started habitwriting.com to further his passion and share the lessons he’s learning about writing. He joined Dabble to help as many writers as he can reach their dreams. Robert loves to read, write, binge tv shows, and play long strategic board games with his amazing wife, Emily.

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