Dabble has gone mobile

Dabble novel writing software screenshots on cell phones

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Mobile support has finally come for Dabble so you can write your novel anywhere (even though you can’t actually go anywhere right now—stay home, stay safe!).

Here are some more details about Dabble’s mobile support.


Store-less, no App

Dabble is being released using a new simplified delivery method. There is no app. 😱


Rather than going through Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store, Dabble will be delivered directly through the browser as a regular website, and will provide advanced support to be installed on your phone’s home screen like a native app. This is what they call a Progressive Web App (PWA). You learned something new today!


For example, on iPhone after navigating to Dabble’s app you will click the share button at the bottom, choose Add to Home Screen, then use Dabble like you would a native app. Android has a button in the URL bar to do the same.

This process makes the download much smaller, our updates to you much quicker, and the whole experience much easier.


Progressive Web Apps work offline and sync with the server whenever they are online like Dabble already does on desktop.


Redesigned screens

Every screen in Dabble has been redesigned to work well on mobile-sized screens and touch devices while still retaining the same layout as desktop so you don’t have another app to learn.

Every feature you know and love on the desktop is available on mobile. Now you never need to stop writing!


We also added a ton of new desktop features too.


Disclaimer: do not write while driving. Or sky diving. Or at the movie theater—when we can go back to the movies.

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