Dabble’s Roadmap

Treasures await.

Dabble is just getting started. There is so much we want to do for you. We are only limited by our resources. The faster we grow, the faster we release beautiful features that will help you craft amazing experiences for your readers. You can help us grow by sharing Dabble on your social networks, writing groups, and with friends and family.

The game plan.

Bigger features sprinkled with smaller ones.

After releasing our huge mobile update, we have some new features in the near future. We are working on co-authoring (the ability to share a project with someone else on Dabble) and images in your story notes. We may have other smaller releases while these are being worked on.

Learn about our tentative roadmap.

There are plenty of things to keep us busy for years. It is a matter of prioritization. See the feature requests at dabble.featureupvote.com, submit your own, and vote on those that matter most to you.

Enjoy these complete features.

These have all been completed since launch.

  • Dabble Account and cloud storage
  • Browser version
  • Plotting tool
  • Export to Word
  • Word counts
  • NaNoWriMo word tracker
  • Export to text file
  • Prologues and epilogues
  • Novel subtitles
  • Goals
  • Cloud Sync v2
  • Dark Theme
  • Autofocus Disabling
  • Store daily backup offsite from databases
  • Find and replace
  • Spelling & Grammar checking
  • Project formatting options
  • Font themes
  • Mobile Support
  • Import through paste

Get excited about the horizon.

Other Features, in order of when we would likely complete them.
  • Versioning (historical view of your project)
  • Co-authoring (working together with other authors on Dabble)
  • Images in story notes
  • Zoom (size of page and font for readability, currently the browser zoom feature can be used)
  • Editing markup (strike through, highlights, etc)
  • Plotting improvements
  • Others from the large pile of features below.

On the distant horizon.

Some of these may be sooner. Some will be a long time in coming. Some may never happen. All of them we wish we could build tomorrow. Note: we are dedicated to keeping Dabble simple and will work hard to maintain this as we add new features.

  • Novel front cover
  • Character pictures
  • Story note pictures on locations
  • Join and split scenes
  • Easier file/folder creation
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Right-click menu options
  • Better plot management
  • Let Select All actually select all
  • Better on-boarding helpers and documentation
  • Copy-paste files and folders (and plot cards) from one place/project to another
  • Undo everywhere, plot, navigation (delete or drag-drop), etc.
  • Ultra-focus mode, like ilys.
Formatting options and other preferences
  • Change indentation preferences in novel and story notes
  • Theme your novel with a different fonts
  • Provide more formatting options for songs/poetry in the novel
  • Allow quotes etc in a Parts page
  • Zoom page/text for large or small monitors
  • Toggle to always view whole book, click scrolls to scene
  • Hide a sidebar or both
Character tools
  • Character profile
  • Character interviews
  • Character cast management
Translate interface into other languages
Plot tools
  • Coloring and/or labeling plot cards
  • Add story sections (e.g. Act I, II, and III)
  • Easily change between tracking scenes and not
  • Multi-select cards and other productivity improvements
Backup and versioning
  • View project at a given point in time (like Apple’s Time Machine)
  • Restore a deleted file
  • Restore a version of a file (opt as a new file)
  • Drag a project, file, or folder to/from the desktop for saving/restoring
  • From MS Word
  • From Google Docs
  • From Scrivener
  • Copy-paste files and folders between Scrivener and Dabble
  • Provide formatting options
  • eBook formats
  • Print
  • Auto-backup to Google docs
  • PDF
  • Wattpad submission
  • Kindle store (and other self-publishing) submission
Editing tools
  • Inline comments
  • Text markup (mark to delete, fix, etc)
  • Sticky notes
Relationships between items
  • Define the relationship between 2 characters
  • Set the location of a scene
  • Link a magic form to the characters that perform it
  • Clickable links between pages for easy exploring of world building
  • Putting scenes or chapters online for friends to view
  • Getting beta readers feedback
  • Writer-editor workflow, let editor make changes and comments, writer chooses which to keep
  • Writing a book with another author
  • Working on a scene together with someone remote
Statistics and metrics
  • Show information about when you write most
  • Show max written words in a day
  • Allow word-count contests with friends
Book smarts
  • Hover cards with info on characters, items, and locations in text
  • Click on hover card to go to character, item, location page
  • Intelligent character renaming (including nicknames)
  • Dialog edit pass per-character, hone in on one character voice at a time
  • Intelligently show which scenes a character (or other thing) appears in
Writing workbook project
  • Give you writing prompts and other exercises
  • Write scenes you don’t have a story for
Educational version
  • Student peer reviews on writing
  • Submission to teacher and review/feedback
  • Bulk educational pricing
Social (opt-in of course)
  • Add other writing friends
  • Have writing contests with friends
  • Post word count with friends
  • See friends progress