The Top Requests Birthday Update

Robert Reed Smith
September 27, 2023
September 27, 2023

Dabble turns 6 today! And to celebrate we got all Dabblers a gift.

We're ecstatic to share Dabble's latest update with a whole heap of awesome new features. This update includes five of the most requested features.

Each section below will have a quick tutorial on how to do it. Check them all out!

Creating Characters and Casts

It's no secret that Characters are the glue that hold a story together. Dive into the world of your story with Dabble's enhanced character and cast creation feature. Craft intricate backstories, define relationships, and visualize your cast with our new Cast and Characters Features!

Adding Character and Note Details

For even more depth on the details. We've added new functionality to Characters and Notes.

Property Lists

You can now set up property lists in Notes and Characters to keep track of all the important details.

Icon Overlays

Now you can mark your editing progress, scenes to come back to, or important notes by changing their icons.

Character Templates

The most requested feature for Dabble. Now you can create and reuse your own character templates easily within Dabble.

Scene Templates

Just like Character Templates, you can create a template for your scenes and scene notes. Perfect for following along with writing courses or setting up your scenes in the perfect way.

Note Banners and Templates

Notes can have banners now! Whether it's a magical ring or a flaming volcano, you can visualize what your note is more easily. And just like Characters and Scenes, you can create various note templates.

Expanded Export

You can now export in different formats! As well as control how many pages to export. Check out all the tools!

Print from Dabble

Print directly from Dabble quickly and easily. No more messing about with exporting first.

Note: Desktop app users may need to redownload the desktop app to enable this feature. You can do so by clicking here.

Expanded Tools

We've also added a timer, reading speed control on Read to Me, and enabled support for outside grammar extensions like Grammarly and ProWriting Aid.

Go Forth and Write!

As always, our goal at Dabble is to help you achieve your writing goals. We sincerely hope these new features streamline your process, expand your creativity, and enable you to get words on the page.

Now go get some writing done!

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Robert Reed Smith

Robert dreams of being the Bob Ross of writing. He likely couldn’t pull off the afro, but he hopes that—like Bob Ross with painting—he can help everyday people realize the simple joy of writing. He believes that anyone can write a masterpiece with a bit of effort, happy accidents, and dedication. He started to further his passion and share the lessons he’s learning about writing. He joined Dabble to help as many writers as he can reach their dreams. Robert loves to read, write, binge tv shows, and play long strategic board games with his amazing wife, Emily.