Robert Reed Smith

Robert Reed Smith

Robert dreams of being the Bob Ross of writing. He likely couldn’t pull off the afro, but he hopes that—like Bob Ross with painting—he can help everyday people realize the simple joy of writing. He believes that anyone can write a masterpiece with a bit of effort, happy accidents, and dedication. He started to further his passion and share the lessons he’s learning about writing. He joined Dabble to help as many writers as he can reach their dreams. Robert loves to read, write, binge tv shows, and play long strategic board games with his amazing wife, Emily.

How To Make Your Own Language in 4 Easy Steps

English is whack. You should make something better. Here's how to make your own language in four simple steps, whether it's for a novel, show, your DnD group, or just a hobby.

Finding Your Narrative Point of View

3rd-person limited or 1st-person epistolary? Here is what you need to know about narrative point of view and your story.

Harness The Apocalyptic Power of AI for Your Fiction

Before ChatGPT becomes our AI overlord, you should at least get some use out of it for your fiction writing. Here's how ChatGPT can help you write better fiction.

The Fichtean Curve: A Dorsal Fin of Catastrophe

We call it John Gardner's aquatic monstrosity, the Fichtean Curve is a narrative structure that can help you easily plan out your novel.

What is a Character Arc? The Four Types with Examples

Which of the four character arc types is right for your story? And what is a character arc?

The Top Requests Birthday Update

A quick look at Dabble's latest update and the many splendid new features.

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