Nisha Tuli

Nisha Tuli

Nisha J Tuli is a YA and adult fantasy and romance author who specializes in glitter-strewn settings and angst-filled kissing scenes. Give her a feisty heroine, a windswept castle, and a dash of true love and she’ll be lost in the pages forever. When Nisha isn’t writing, it’s probably because one of her two kids needs something (but she loves them anyway). After they’re finally asleep, she can be found curled up with her Kobo or knitting sweaters and scarves, perfect for surviving a Canadian winter.

How to Create Characters Your Readers Simp For

Characters are the most important part of any story. They are the beating heart and the blood that flows through your novel’s veins. Yes, your plot and world and story structure are also important, but most people will fall in love with a book because they love the characters.

Crunching the numbers: how do you price a self-published book?

If you’re planning to become an indie author, one of the first things you might be wondering is: how do you price a self-published book?

How to Write Book Titles

You’ve cobbled together 100K words of sheer brilliance, but now you must tackle the hardest task. How do you write book titles, anyway?

How to Become a Fiction Writer in 6 Steps

Theses six steps can help show you how to become a fiction writer. Figure out what works best for you!

Romance Tropes: The Heartbeat of a Genre

Romance tropes are the heartbeat of what makes romance novels feel like cozy sweaters you want to snuggle into.

How to Start a Chapter

How to start a first chapter: include action, character, plot, emotion, and motivation or you’re going to lose your reader.

How Long Should a First Chapter Be? It Isn't Really Up to You

How long should your chapters be? On average, chapters tend to range from 1,000-5,000 words, with most falling in the 2,000-4,000 range.

101 character goals that don’t involve anyone’s dead wife

There are a lot of pieces of writing advice you can ignore, but here’s one you shouldn’t: you need to include character goals in your story.

How Long Does it Take to Write a Book?

You might be wondering: how long does it take to write a book? The answer depends on a variety of factors.

61 gifts for writers because they don’t need another notebook

Do you have a writer in your life who needs a gift? Check out this list of 61 gifts for writers that will help them with their author dreams.

Character Flaws—The Traits You Totally Don't See in Yourself

A character flaw is a fault, limitation, or weakness that can be internal or external factors that affect your character and their life.

The Outlaw Archetype—Everything You Need To Know

Explore the fundamentals of the Outlaw Archetype and how they serve your story. Explore famous examples of Outlaws in popular media.

The Ruler Archetype - Everything You Need to Know

The Ruler archetype is one of the most recognizable and is about stability and maintaining order through control and power.

The Explorer Archetype - Everything You Need To Know

Explorer Archetypes long for adventure and seek out new places, ideas, and experiences to live a thrilling, exciting, and fulfilling life.

The Lover Archetype - Everything You Need To Know

Lover archetypes embrace the love they hold for friends, family, their gods, or simply the world around them.

The Seven Basic Plot Points

The seven basic plot points offer perhaps what is the most open-ended of the structure archetypes with broad, high-level descriptions.

Plotting Your Novel Using Save The Cat!

Save the Cat is one of the most popular ways of drafting screenplays and novels in modern storytelling.

Active vs. Passive Writing: What’s the Difference?

In this article, we’ll explore what active and passive writing is and when you should use them. Contrary to some beliefs, sometimes passive voice does make sense. Not everything you write should or needs to be active (though it should be most of the time).

How to Write a Romance Novel

To write a romance you need to manage three separate arcs: your main character, your love interest, and the romance itself.

How to Research a Novel So You Don't Send the Train to a Station That Doesn't Exist Yet

If you’re embarking on a topic that requires a lot of research, you might wonder where you even begin. How do you make use of all those juicy tidbits, and what kind of process should you use to ensure complete and total accuracy?

Romance Novel Beat Sheet: Your Guide to Hitting All the Right Notes

Today we’re going to look at story beats to help craft your romance novel. Beats are specific points of significance that occur in stories that a) help keep the tension up and b) help drive the story forward. They can also be extremely useful in helping you map out your story before you dive into your first draft. 

Putting the “I” in your novel–writing in first person

First person narrative is when you write using the words “I”, “us”, or “we”. It’s when your story is told through the eyes of one person and we spend time in their head, hearing their thoughts and seeing what they see.

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